International Investments in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy

You and I fret over how to balance our investment dollars in a SEP or an IRA. Meanwhile, Robert P. Smith has his bags packed for Damascus, Syria to measure that country’s investment potential. That’s why he is portrayed as the “Indiana Jones” of international finance.

“Give me a country that is at war because the last President has been shot and I’ll figure out something to do to make money,” says Smith who is author of RICHES AMONG THE RUINS—Adventures in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy.

In this new book, Smith recounts his experiences risking not only his money, but his life, in war zones, dictatorships, and crime-ridden capitals in countries like El Salvador, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia and Iraq. [Read more…]

German Solar Energy and Technology Leader Focuses on Growing Midwest Market

At all levels of government and at most dinner tables, the high cost of energy and the options possible from the renewable sources of solar and wind are familiar conversations. The change in recent years, however, is those conversations have become increasingly the focus of policy and action, not just topics conjecture and speculation.

SunCarrier, a division a+f GmbH, a company in southern Germany, has been researching Kansas City and the region as sites for installation of their solar technology. Marc Reimer, Head of Project Development, explained that his company has been a leader in solar technology and efficiency for six years with a new fashion of solar installation that has shown great success in Germany and Spain. They now seek to try that same technology in what he terms as “less than optimal conditions,” namely the winters of Midwestern United States. [Read more…]

Profits are the Only Thing

George ClouierPssssst! Do you own your own business? Are profits hurting a little in this current economy?

Well I’ve got this guy I want you to meet. His name is George Cloutier. He’s a Harvard grad that Business Week dubbed a “Turnaround Ace” and his focus has always been on small business. Actually, you may not even need to hire him, just read his book. [Read more…]

A Surprising Solution for Capitalists

Bruce Piasecki author of The Surprising SolutionTwo thoughts came to mind before I even got through the Forward and Introduction sections of The Surprising Solution: Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World by Bruce Piasecki.

1. Is this book is going to be preaching to the choir about addressing environmental and social issues? Will it be a studied treatment of the issues or a piece of propaganda?

2. It takes a bold author to first thank the Forward writer Darryl Vernon Poole for comparing him to Rachel Carson and Malcolm Gladwell. Then, proceed to compare himself to George Orwell. If he’s that good I need to read on. [Read more…]