Fresh Octane® – Energy to Grow™

2018 National Leadership and Innovation Tour

Fresh Octane® – National Leadership and Innovation Tour™

Executive Summary

We’re working on a National Business Leadership Tour and Executive Exchange and we’d love to have you involved.    National Leadership Tour!

  • Highlighting the accomplishments, the market and customer value created by leaders across the business community.
  • Market leadership deserves recognition, and it turns out third-party visibility and recognition are among a leader’s most valuable assets, but very difficult to accomplish and manage alone.
  • We are hosting a tour to create impact, excitement, visibility and ultimately enhanced market power for those involved.

Who will benefit? Winners 

  • We’re seeking the participation of the best businesses, the hottest products, and the most respected leaders across a number of markets throughout the U.S. and ultimately beyond.
  • Seeking the best of the best, but really more important, just the highly motivated leaders in each of a number of markets.
  • We’re targeting key growth industries, but we also have some targeted regions of the country that are slotted for the first round of the tour.
  • We also have a built in set of key industry leaders that are already committed to Alpha® Board and our Fresh Octane® Tour.

Alpha BoardWhy are we doing this?  Energy to Grow

  • Creating and providing new-found energy, visibility, connections, marketplace recognition… for those who are committed to building great businesses…
  • Part of a unique national platform to create and transmit market enthusiasm, support and advocacy for the most inspirational companies, leaders, and products in industry.
  • Engaging with the companies and leaders who are really making a difference in the marketplace.

Please contact us with questions or for more information.  You may call Dave Anderson at (cell/text) 612 810-4000, (office) at 913 685-4850 or by email at  You may also speak with Dan Vasey at 303 809-9058 or via email at

Alpha® Board 2018 Fresh Octane® Tour

Energy to Grow™

Who are the finest drivers in American business? 

It’s Business Drive Time®.  And we’re looking for some of the greatest drivers in business to feature in our Fresh Octane National Leadership and Innovation Tour.

Alpha BoardWho are the innovators?  Who are the leaders?  What (and where) are the opportunities?  Which companies, products, people will be driving growth over the next few years?

We’re involved in a national press tour and market study that are aimed at answering some of those questions, as well as providing some fun, publicity and buzz along the way for the people and companies involved.  We’re seeking the business leaders and leading businesses that will be responsible for the leadership, innovation and ideas that will be driving business forward.

We are NeuVision® Group.  We’re in the growth and innovation business. We’ve worked with and for companies around the world who have been leading the marketplace and driving new business growth for more than 25 years.  We are now working in conjunction withAlpha® Board, the National Business Leadership Exchange™ on the 2017 Fresh Octane Tour.  Alpha Board and our program are designed for the benefit of highest performance companies and the leaders.  Our first three initiatives:  a board of premier business builders and business advisors, a national market study on business growth opportunities, and press and publicity tour featuring the business in class companies and leaders – Alpha Board’s – Fresh Octane® Cities of Innovation Tour™.

Alpha Board

We’re looking for the drivers.  The best business drivers.  If you have been contacted, or you are reading this for the first time, that is why.

If you believe that you or someone you know fits this description, or you would like more information on our project, we’d love to speak with you.  

About Alpha® Board and the Fresh Octane® Team 

Alpha® Board

Alpha Board is a National Business Leadership Exchange™, designed to provide added market reach and further the cause of great business leaders and the companies they represent.  The current flagship program is a national leadership press tour and market study on leadership and innovation.  Other Alpha Board programs include keynote speakers, executive interviews, corporate profiles, leader roundtable discussions, news stories, and live open-house events for businesses.  Alpha BoardAlpha® Board is a collaborative venture between NeuVision® Group, Mesa Research Group, and local, regional and national participants throughout business.  Alpha Board provides the opportunity for enhanced market reach and visibility for the companies involved in the program, locally, regionally, and nationally. More information on Alpha Board and the Fresh Octane® Tour can be found on the web at

NeuVision® Group

NeuVision Group helps leaders, companies and new product teams manage the risk and maximize the opportunities associated with new products, new companies, and major new growth initiatives.  NeuVision Group is the initial founder of Alpha Board and is working with other partnering organizations throughout the U.S. to join the effort.  Clients have ranged from the most innovative new ventures to many of the world’s most respected companies and brands. NeuVision Group, its president and founder Dave E. Anderson, and NeuVision Group’s sister company, Alpha Scouts®, have worked across North America and beyond with organizations like Pfizer, 3M, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Seagate, Iomega, Caterpillar, Monsanto, Deere, DuPont, CNH, MarketWatch, Alpha BoardUSDA and many more. Our previous Business Drive Time® efforts, which served as a market test for Alpha Board and Fresh Octane, received national and international attention, and were recognized by major media outlets such as BusinessWeek, Forbes, CNBC, MSNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, EuroInvestor and more. For more information on NeuVision® Group visit us on the web at

MESA Research Group

MESA Research Group is a privately held global consulting and leadership development company created through the collaboration of Cam Danielson, Bill Davidson, and Francois Dupuy. Through their partnership, MESA maintains offices in Los Angeles, Paris, and Shanghai. MESA operates with a global and diverse team of world-class thought leaders, practitioners, and academics. They work with CEOs and rising star executives around the world on leadership, innovation, business development and executive coaching. Partner clients have included companies such as 3M, Aditya Birla Group, Alcatel-Lucent, Anthem (Wellpoint), AT&T, BAE, BP, Boston Scientific, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Duke Energy, Credit Agricole, Dow Chemical, EDS, Eli Lilly & Co., ExxonMobil, FedEx, GDF Suez, Indus Towers, Ingersoll-Rand, Mahindra & Mahindra, Manitowoc, Monsanto, NASA, Philips Electronics, Polaris Software, Prudential (London), Rolls-Royce, Shell International (London), Sara Lee, Schneider Electric Industries, UTI, Whirlpool, Xerox and more.  Learn about Mesa at

 Jeff Andretti Motorsports and JAM Marketing Partners

With Alpha Board, we want to have fun.  And we want you to have fun.  And fun drives excitement and buzz. That requires blending some unique, distinctive, Alpha® Grade activities with the tour.  In December we began working with JAM Marketing Partners and Jeff Andretti Motorsports to become marketing and promotional partners with NeuVision Group and Alpha Board.  We’re providing access to marketing and promotional programs for clients and companies that would like more sizzle in their marketing efforts.  Jeff Andretti Motorsports and JAM Marketing Partners are providing us with access to cool venues that would only be available through celebrity connections.  While some of the promotional activities are directly related to racing, they also include access to specialty luxury cars for filming and fun, resorts locations for meetings, executive lifestyle promotions and celebrity related endorsements.  This not only drives Alpha Boardpleasure for Alpha Board members, but also visibility. Our joint efforts will help attendance for Alpha Board member events, and will provide access to other CEOs and business celebrities across the country.  In addition, our work with Jeff Andretti Motorsports, JAM Marketing Partners, their clients and our joint marketing efforts will provide exponential boosts in web presence for participating Alpha Board clients. The extent of our working relationship will be client, company and circumstance dependent, but in the name of leadership, family business, sports and branding dynasties, there are few names out there as timeless and recognizable as the Andretti racing family.  In addition, the relationship is expected to kick open a few doors for all interested parties.  We believe this is an example of the caliber of reach and market access we can provide for Alpha Board participating companies and executives.

More information on Alpha® Board and the 2018 Fresh Octane® Tour is available by calling Dave E. Anderson at (cell/text) 612 810-4000, (office) 913 685-4850, or by email at   You may also speak with Dan Vasey at 303 809-9058 or via email at

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