The Finest Business Drivers

Who are the finest drivers in business? 

Who are the innovators?  Who are the leaders?  What are the opportunities?  Which companies, people and products will be driving growth over the next few years?

We’re shining the spotlight on business leaders and leading businesses.  We’re looking for a few great ones!

Are you a leader in your marketplace?  A person or company who is moving business forward in innovative new ways?   If so, let’s talk.

It’s 2018 and it is Business Drive Time®.

Alpha Board

We’re one of the hosts of Alpha® Board’s 2018 Fresh Octane® Business Leadership Tour, and we’re looking for stand out businesses in your area that will benefit from this distinctive national program.

Alpha Board and NeuVision Group are launching the Fresh Octane National Leadership Press Tour and Market Study designed to recognize some of the most distinctive leaders in American business; locally, regionally and nationally.   We are in search of winners in the marketplace, and will develop news features about the leaders who will be driving new business growth over the next few years.

Our last tour of this kind was picked up by the likes of BusinessWeek, Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Reuters and dozens more.

Alpha BoardIf you believe that you, or someone you know should be featured, or you would like more information on the Fresh Octane Tour, let’s talk.

For more information, call Dave Anderson at 612 810-4000/913 685-4850; email is  Or you can reach Dan Vasey at 303 809-9058 or via email at

Time to Hit The Road

img_0762-cropped-threeWho are the leaders that are moving American business forward?

It’s Business Drive Time®, and we are looking for some of the greatest business drivers regionally and nationally to feature in our 2018 Alpha® Board Fresh Octane Tour. 

Who are the innovators?  Who are the leaders?  What (and where) are the opportunities?  Which companies, technologies, products, people will be propelling growth over the next few years?

The National Alpha Board Tour includes a market study, leader profile interviews, business news coverage and series of leadership exchanges among standout business leaders across the country and throughout the most promising industries.

We have already begun to engage business leaders and leading businesses in multiple cities.  We’re working with those that will be most responsible for the leadership, innovation, products, companies and programs that will be driving business forward.   If that includes you, we’d love for your organization to participate.

Discussion topics:

  • What regions of the country and more importantly what are the key trends, issue and activities within those geographies that will help companies succeed moving forward?innovation concept on touch screen
  • What industries show the most promise for growth in jobs, revenue and profits over the next few years?
  • What companies are driving those industries?
  • Who are the people, products, and services that are most responsible for new business growth?
  • What key market trends and technology platforms are most responsible?
  • How can we help the best business drivers gain more recognition, visibility and market connections?
  • Which leaders should be involved in the tour, and what companies, in your opinion, are the most deserving of recognition?

To learn more about the Alpha Board Tour and to share with us who you believe are the best business drivers, give us a call. You may call Dave Anderson at (cell/text) 612 810-4000, (office) at 913 685-4850 or by email at  You may also speak with Dan Vasey at 303 809-9058 or reach him via email at

The Mojo Moment

Mojo Moment4:53 a.m. August 18, 2009

Have You Ever Been Struck By Lightning?   Have you ever experienced that “Mojo Moment” in your business?   Can you name the time and place?  Can you name the result, how it was handled, and whether you actually achieved anything based on that instant?

Most people describe this as the “aha,” but it’s much bigger than that.  It is a level of inspiration that is of biblical proportions, although others might describe it in more easily referenced sexual terms.  The “o” in mojo is a great description because once you’ve achieved it, you know it and there is no question.  And, there are those who can fake it, often fairly convincingly.  Unfortunately, I don’t think very many business leaders or even very many businesses have ever experienced that moment or the feeling and opportunity it can create.

I will tell you too, it’s like a lightning strike.  It is typically unexpected.  You often can’t plan for it.  Most people spend their lives trying to avoid it. You don’t know when or where it will strike.  And, it’s over even before you know it.  However, the “mojo” instant of power can provide a positive jolt with cosmic effects, if you are able to harness the energy.  The most fun and funny part is that some people have the knack, and the “mojo moment” exponentially more often than others.  In addition, you can easily see the smile and the confidence it creates.
Can you survive as a business without one?  Sure.  Most do.  Can you thrive?  Likely not nearly as well as you would if you had that spark of creativity, the spark of vision, the one lightning strike where everything comes together in a magical way.

Sparks-150x150I recently read an SBA report on the fastest growing businesses in the U.S.  There were a number of key takeaways.  One of the most important is the entrepreneurial culture of the cities containing the most “fast” growing businesses.  The report was NOT about culture, yet if you know some of the higher ranking cities, you’ll see that a cultural open-mindedness is a key element in growth.  It’s also a requirement in achieving the spark that could change the life of your business.

The other interesting element is that there is no particular industry where high growth companies alone reside.  This means that everyone can achieve the “Mojo Moment” if they only would.

GrabLightening-150x150Clearly, having the spark and harnessing the energy created are two very different things.  Research would also bear out the fact that in many cases, there is little practical correlation between the skills required to achieve both.  That should not discourage you.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and months as we highlight the companies, the leaders, and the business results of those who really have the juice.  They are not only taking delight in its energy, but also taking it to the bank.  This is about honoring those who are doing well, giving those who are trying visibility and a “chance,” and also sharing the journey with others so everyone can learn.  It’s a moment that should be celebrated, shared, and repeated early and often.

For more about great business, great vision, great leadership, profits, and the “Mojo Moment,” stay tuned, and let us know if you or someone you know has a story to tell.


Growing up KC

We are currently a key player in a national leadership tour, market study and business leadership exchange.  The program is a showcase platform to highlight the best business drivers across a number of major metros throughout the United States.

We are showcasing distinguished companies, business leaders and cities that are poised for major business growth over the next five years.  The tour will include more than a dozen cities across the country, as well as some hidden gems in key rural and small town regions.


We have some special plans for Kansas City area leaders.  The Kansas City metro is our home, and we want to take this opportunity to showcase the city and it’s leaders on the tour.  While our organization is national in scope, the Kansas City area has been headquarters for the past 15 years.  We have lifelong ties to the region and a strong affinity to the people, the communities, the businesses and the lifestyle of the greater Kansas City metro.

Because of our commitment to the Kansas City region, we’re developing a special platform to promote Kansas City based businesses, industries and leaders in conjunction with our U.S. Alpha Board tour.  Our “Growing up KC” program is a special series to promote KC area leaders, companies, lifestyles and growth opportunities on a local, regional and national scale.

roundtableSo, what does that mean?  Quite simply, “leaders wanted.”  We are putting together a list of some of the standout leaders who represent not only the legacy of the region, but the future.  We are seeking business owners, CEOs, senior executives, business advisors, and also “Kansas City lifestyle” experts to helps us tell the story of Kansas City to the world.

It’s an opportunity for leaders to interact with each other, meet other leaders in other cities, highlight their businesses, and frankly get placed in the news.  We cannot promise the cover of Rolling Stone magazine but our past efforts have been well received.  Our work has been recognized by BusinessWeek, Forbes, CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, MSNBC, EuroInvestor, and dozens more.  One lucky chap that went through this process subsequently became the featured cover story for Fortune Small Business. Through Alpha Board, we will host speeches, CEO interviews, panel discussions, a series of leader roundtables, and also work with leaders to develop news profiles about their respective companies.  There will be some significant opportunities beyond this, but one thing at a time.  If you are an Alpha Grade leader, and spend at least a portion of your personal and professional life associated with a Kansas City area business, we’d love to have you join us.

One quick word of note.  We’ll be working with key industry leaders and innovators in other cities, states, companies and industries across the country.  A major goal of the program is a national leadership exchange, providing national visibility and opportunities to develop new relationships with business leaders throughout the U.S.  Our Alpha Board Leadership Exchange will bring national leaders and experts to Kansas City and Kansas City leaders to other markets across the nation.   We believe your reputation is like rainfall.  You need to spread it around a bit even to grow anything at home.

Growing Up KCWe are working with a group of renown leaders across the country, who will be visiting Kansas City as a part of our tour.  People who participate early in the “Growing up KC” program and/or the national Alpha Board activities will have the opportunity to meet with members of their group, hear them speak, and participate exclusively in KC area Alpha Board Leadership Exchanges.  As a result, there is some urgency and advantage to getting your name in the hat, and getting involved early in the process.

For more information on Alpha® Board, and/or to include your company in our publicity efforts, you can call me at 913 685-4850 or 612 810-4000, or reach me via email at  You can also speak by phone with Dan Vasey in Denver at 303 809-9058, or via email at

Alpha Board and NeuVision Group are founding hosts of the 2018-2020 Fresh Octane® Tour.  In addition, we’ll be including sponsors and co- hosts throughout America’s Heartland.  More market partners will be announced as the tour rolls on.