Alpha® Board National Business Leadership Tour – Energy to Grow

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Alpha BoardWe’re on a national press tour, and we would love to speak with you!  That is, if you are a business leader with a knack for helping businesses grow.  Since 1989, our founder has been launching new products, new companies, and major growth initiatives for organizations across the nation and around the world.

As a result, we have discovered two of the rarest occurrences in business:

  1. Outstanding leaders with great products and services
  2. And someone to provide leaders with visibility, recognition and product reviews among their customers, influencers and the general business press.

If you represent the first one, we’ll take care of the second.  We know how valuable market recognition and visibility can be, and we know how to create greatly enhanced market visibility in ways that few others have considered.  It works.  It’s efficient.  It’s effective.  And for those who participate, it’s both fun and rewarding.  The system, in short, drives not only visibility and recognition, but also new business leads.

Alpha BoardWe are a part of a National Business Leadership Tour.  The targets are the leading companies, industries, products and leaders across American industry.  Which ones are driving growth?  Who are those who should be recognized and rewarded for their efforts?  We have picked the tour cities.  The companies and leaders come next.

We are conducting interviews, hosting events, moderating leadership roundtable discussion, and compiling a news reel of business stories about the leading companies and company leaders that are driving business growth in 12 major cities across the country.

If you have an interest, or believe that you, your company, or someone you know should be featured as a part of our tour, we would like to speak with you further and answer any questions you might have.

In order to learn more, call us at 612 810-4000 in Minnesota, 913 685-4850 in Kansas City, or 303 255-1742 in Denver.  Or send Dave Anderson a note at  Don’t wait.  The tour has begun, and we have a nice group of outstanding leaders already involved.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Examples of Alpha Board Fresh Octane Executive Programs

  • Centralized visibility system for leaders:  executives, companies, products and services
  • Leverages two decades of experience creating visibility and market adoption for new products
  • Alpha Board Portraits of Leadership Executive and corporate showcase interviews and profiles
  • Alpha Board News Reel: Video shorts and comprehensive leadership news film (local, regional and national video)
  • Alpha® Board Fresh Octane® CEO/Business Leader Roundtable discussions
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