The Mojo Moment

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Mojo Moment4:53 a.m. August 18, 2009

Have You Ever Been Struck By Lightning?   Have you ever experienced that “Mojo Moment” in your business?   Can you name the time and place?  Can you name the result, how it was handled, and whether you actually achieved anything based on that instant?

Most people describe this as the “aha,” but it’s much bigger than that.  It is a level of inspiration that is of biblical proportions, although others might describe it in more easily referenced sexual terms.  The “o” in mojo is a great description because once you’ve achieved it, you know it and there is no question.  And, there are those who can fake it, often fairly convincingly.  Unfortunately, I don’t think very many business leaders or even very many businesses have ever experienced that moment or the feeling and opportunity it can create.

I will tell you too, it’s like a lightning strike.  It is typically unexpected.  You often can’t plan for it.  Most people spend their lives trying to avoid it. You don’t know when or where it will strike.  And, it’s over even before you know it.  However, the “mojo” instant of power can provide a positive jolt with cosmic effects, if you are able to harness the energy.  The most fun and funny part is that some people have the knack, and the “mojo moment” exponentially more often than others.  In addition, you can easily see the smile and the confidence it creates.
Can you survive as a business without one?  Sure.  Most do.  Can you thrive?  Likely not nearly as well as you would if you had that spark of creativity, the spark of vision, the one lightning strike where everything comes together in a magical way.

Sparks-150x150I recently read an SBA report on the fastest growing businesses in the U.S.  There were a number of key takeaways.  One of the most important is the entrepreneurial culture of the cities containing the most “fast” growing businesses.  The report was NOT about culture, yet if you know some of the higher ranking cities, you’ll see that a cultural open-mindedness is a key element in growth.  It’s also a requirement in achieving the spark that could change the life of your business.

The other interesting element is that there is no particular industry where high growth companies alone reside.  This means that everyone can achieve the “Mojo Moment” if they only would.

GrabLightening-150x150Clearly, having the spark and harnessing the energy created are two very different things.  Research would also bear out the fact that in many cases, there is little practical correlation between the skills required to achieve both.  That should not discourage you.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and months as we highlight the companies, the leaders, and the business results of those who really have the juice.  They are not only taking delight in its energy, but also taking it to the bank.  This is about honoring those who are doing well, giving those who are trying visibility and a “chance,” and also sharing the journey with others so everyone can learn.  It’s a moment that should be celebrated, shared, and repeated early and often.

For more about great business, great vision, great leadership, profits, and the “Mojo Moment,” stay tuned, and let us know if you or someone you know has a story to tell.


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