The Building of a City – Business Drive Time® in KC

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It’s Business Drive Time in Kansas City. What does that mean?  Kansas City is growing!  Embrace it!

About 100,000 companies, including ours, are sitting at the national epicenter of business opportunity.  We’re all running the business race each week, and as committed leaders, a large number of Kansas City’s businesses are consistent, profitable winners.  We’re all living and working in a fine, centrally located Midwestern city that is poised for great things, now and in the future.

IMG_0115 FWHow do we define Kansas City’s drive?  It’s difficult to articulate, but easy to feel.  Joyce Hall, Hallmark Cards founder, and Norman Rockwell found it easier to depict visually. Kansas City culture has an unstoppable determination that is wrapped in the warm approachability typically found in a town less than one tenth its size.

Kansas City is among the most welcoming, inviting, yet results-driven cities in the nation.  KC is the perfect blend of a globally recognized cultural metro with a happy hometown feel, and a people-friendly, Midwestern culture.

It’s the perfect atmosphere for starting, leading and growing a successful business.  And, the Kansas City metro is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Like great local barbeque and Boulevard beer, Kansas City goes down smooth and spicy wherever you are from.  The city of Kansas City and all it represents puts smiles on the faces of visitors from Boston to Bangkok, from Toledo and Tupelo to Toronto and Tokyo.

This is not only a local story.  We’re on a national press tour of “Business Builder” cities.  Kansas City is among the first three cities IMG_0695 FWon our list. We’re targeting a baker’s dozen of the best up and coming U.S. business metros for profitable growth opportunities over the next decade.  Livability, an educated population, traditions, culture, a critical mass of job opportunities and a place people want to live, work and start companies are all considerations for the cities we choose.

We’ll be featuring leaders, companies, industries, products and lifestyles in each of the cities.  In addition, we’ll be offering opportunities to connect business leaders across the country with each other.  Growth is about getting your name out.

The Fresh Octane® Tour also involves networking and spending time with peers and other business leader from a variety of industries and professions.  We’ll be featuring companies, hosting events and leadership round-tables, holding company open houses, conducting new product reviews and putting Kansas City in a national news reel about growing cities. There are many ways to participate and they are all about showcasing great leaders and providing new market opportunities.

013 blue three FWKansas City is the headquarters for our company and will serve as home base for our national, ultimately global Alpha Board Fresh Octane Tour.

We’ll be speaking about the hidden and not so hidden drive behind the city and its people.  We want to learn more about KC’s determined quest for progress, success, growth, great lives, opportunity and at least at times, national attention.

For you, your company, your local customers, and for Fresh Octane cities and companies across the nation, it’s “Business Drive Time®.”   It’s time to grab the stage, the spotlight and the microphone.  It’s time to tell your story and share it with other leaders around the town, around the Midwest and around the country to let them know that Kansas City is “On the Move.”

We’re looking for committed leaders to feature. For more information about the Alpha Board Fresh Octane Tour, I can be Printreached by phone at 913 685-4850, or via email at
You can also follow tour progress at and on Twitter at @Alpha_Board.




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