Time to Hit The Road

img_0762-cropped-threeWho are the leaders that are moving American business forward?

It’s Business Drive Time®, and we are looking for some of the greatest business drivers regionally and nationally to feature in our 2018 Alpha® Board Fresh Octane Tour. 

Who are the innovators?  Who are the leaders?  What (and where) are the opportunities?  Which companies, technologies, products, people will be propelling growth over the next few years?

The National Alpha Board Tour includes a market study, leader profile interviews, business news coverage and series of leadership exchanges among standout business leaders across the country and throughout the most promising industries.

We have already begun to engage business leaders and leading businesses in multiple cities.  We’re working with those that will be most responsible for the leadership, innovation, products, companies and programs that will be driving business forward.   If that includes you, we’d love for your organization to participate.

Discussion topics:

  • What regions of the country and more importantly what are the key trends, issue and activities within those geographies that will help companies succeed moving forward?innovation concept on touch screen
  • What industries show the most promise for growth in jobs, revenue and profits over the next few years?
  • What companies are driving those industries?
  • Who are the people, products, and services that are most responsible for new business growth?
  • What key market trends and technology platforms are most responsible?
  • How can we help the best business drivers gain more recognition, visibility and market connections?
  • Which leaders should be involved in the tour, and what companies, in your opinion, are the most deserving of recognition?

To learn more about the Alpha Board Tour and to share with us who you believe are the best business drivers, give us a call. You may call Dave Anderson at (cell/text) 612 810-4000, (office) at 913 685-4850 or by email at dave@neuvision.com.  You may also speak with Dan Vasey at 303 809-9058 or reach him via email at dan@neuvision.com.

The Building of a City – Business Drive Time® in KC

It’s Business Drive Time in Kansas City. What does that mean?  Kansas City is growing!  Embrace it!

About 100,000 companies, including ours, are sitting at the national epicenter of business opportunity.  We’re all running the business race each week, and as committed leaders, a large number of Kansas City’s businesses are consistent, profitable winners.  We’re all living and working in a fine, centrally located Midwestern city that is poised for great things, now and in the future.

IMG_0115 FWHow do we define Kansas City’s drive?  It’s difficult to articulate, but easy to feel.  Joyce Hall, Hallmark Cards founder, and Norman Rockwell found it easier to depict visually. Kansas City culture has an unstoppable determination that is wrapped in the warm approachability typically found in a town less than one tenth its size.

Kansas City is among the most welcoming, inviting, yet results-driven cities in the nation.  KC is the perfect blend of a globally recognized cultural metro with a happy hometown feel, and a people-friendly, Midwestern culture.

It’s the perfect atmosphere for starting, leading and growing a successful business.  And, the Kansas City metro is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Like great local barbeque and Boulevard beer, Kansas City goes down smooth and spicy wherever you are from.  The city of Kansas City and all it represents puts smiles on the faces of visitors from Boston to Bangkok, from Toledo and Tupelo to Toronto and Tokyo.

This is not only a local story.  We’re on a national press tour of “Business Builder” cities.  Kansas City is among the first three cities IMG_0695 FWon our list. We’re targeting a baker’s dozen of the best up and coming U.S. business metros for profitable growth opportunities over the next decade.  Livability, an educated population, traditions, culture, a critical mass of job opportunities and a place people want to live, work and start companies are all considerations for the cities we choose.

We’ll be featuring leaders, companies, industries, products and lifestyles in each of the cities.  In addition, we’ll be offering opportunities to connect business leaders across the country with each other.  Growth is about getting your name out.

The Fresh Octane® Tour also involves networking and spending time with peers and other business leader from a variety of industries and professions.  We’ll be featuring companies, hosting events and leadership round-tables, holding company open houses, conducting new product reviews and putting Kansas City in a national news reel about growing cities. There are many ways to participate and they are all about showcasing great leaders and providing new market opportunities.

013 blue three FWKansas City is the headquarters for our company and will serve as home base for our national, ultimately global Alpha Board Fresh Octane Tour.  www.freshoctanetour.com

We’ll be speaking about the hidden and not so hidden drive behind the city and its people.  We want to learn more about KC’s determined quest for progress, success, growth, great lives, opportunity and at least at times, national attention.

For you, your company, your local customers, and for Fresh Octane cities and companies across the nation, it’s “Business Drive Time®.”   It’s time to grab the stage, the spotlight and the microphone.  It’s time to tell your story and share it with other leaders around the town, around the Midwest and around the country to let them know that Kansas City is “On the Move.”

We’re looking for committed leaders to feature. For more information about the Alpha Board Fresh Octane Tour, I can be Printreached by phone at 913 685-4850, or via email at dave@alphaboard.com.
You can also follow tour progress at www.alphaboard.com and on Twitter at @Alpha_Board.




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Market Facing Leadership

Alpha® Board is a “National Business Leadership Exchange” designed to provide increased market visibility, recognition and connections for business leaders and leading businesses across the country.  Driving enhanced market reach, new business relationships, cultivating existing relationships, and ultimately helping to drive revenue growth for participants.  That’s Alpha Board.  That’s what we do.  If you are interested in growth, this might be for you.

Join us for an Alpha Board leadership luncheon with Midwest leader and CEO Kyle Bauer; March 27, 2014 | Danny O’Neil’s Roasterie Bean Hanger | 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. | 1204 W 27th, KCMO | for additional details contact dave@neuvision.com

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Kyle-Portrait-2The point of Kyle Bauer’s involvement with Alpha Board is simple. If anyone understands “market facing leadership,” it’s him. For those who follow Kyle around, it appears he is everywhere.  The reason it appears that way is that it’s true. He’s a busy guy on several fronts.  But he’s also an organized CEO with a well executed plan and a system that works for him, his customers, his stakeholders, and his business.

Kyle is a career-long business owner, has more than 30 years’ experience with a wide variety of organizations, both as an owner as well as a board member.  He is currently CEO, general manager, and partner in a major agricultural media company covering a highly productive and economically attractive customer base for advertisers.  Kyle’s company, KFRM (KFarm), is the agricultural voice of the Great Plains region, and covers a geographical area that is more than 400 miles wide and 250 miles deep.

Kyle’s marketplace is one of the largest, most attractive agricultural broadcast media footprints in the world.  He got there with laser focus, yet, Kyle and his firm have competition, and lots of it.  Everyone is scrambling to capture the media dollar in today’s marketing environment.

Kyle-at-Capitol-updated-2Kyle has a broad constituency, great marketplace relationships, and a consistent, systematic approach to staying well connected. We’ve asked him to share some of his thoughts, experiences and insights.

From local listeners in hundreds of rural zip codes, small town leaders, regional advertisers, national manufactures, national advertising and public relations professionals, state industry and government officials, major leaders in the agricultural industry, and the agricultural contingent of U.S. Congress; they have a few things in common.  They all have an interest in Kyle’s industry and market.  Many of them know Kyle, they know about his media company.  In addition, from what we can see, both Kyle and KFRM have a sound and stellar reputation throughout the industry.

You might think by what we’ve said, Kyle spends all his time with customers.  In addition to working and circulating in the marketplace, he is also responsible for running a 24/7/365 day per year company, sleeping at night, having a family life, as well as enjoying life in his element with himself, family, friends and of course Lt.

kyle-and-Lt-2In short, Kyle works hard.  He makes his work look easy (well sort of easy), in part because he is well organized, and because he appears to greatly enjoy his work. Suffice it to say, he travels many miles in a years’ time.  Planes, train crossings, horses and automobiles… or pickup trucks.  But he does it with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

We’d love for you to have the opportunity to hear Kyle speak, meet the guy, and form your own opinions.  In addition, through events like these, (locally regionally and nationally,) we’d like you to get to know more about Alpha Board, how it is organized, and the tools available for business owners, CEOs, senior executives and business advisors to help them gain visibility, reputation enhancement, and new connections in the marketplace.  Alpha® Board delivers “Fresh Octane®:  Energy to Grow.”

Kyle Bauer has been a lifelong resident of Clay County, KS.  Graduating from Kansas State University in l980 with a degree in Ag Economics, He returned home to farm with his parents where he farmed wheat, corn, soybeans, sorghum, cattle, and hogs on dry land and irrigated acres.  Kyle took over the family farming operation at a young age, and he just keeps going.

Through the years, non-farm business ventures have included manufacturing, banking, fast food, well as radio.  In l994, Kyle, and some local investors, purchased KCLY radio in Clay Center, and KFRM radio in l996. Since that time, Bauer has gravitated away from the other businesses, devoting more and more time to KFRM.  They have built KFRM to the largest farm station in Kansas and northern Oklahoma by being one of a few full time farm stations in the nation.  KFRM covers 120,000 square miles in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska representing over 64 million acres of agricultural land, and more than $20 billion in annual agricultural production.

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Alpha® Board’s Business Leadership Lunch, Kyle Bauer on Market Facing Leadership:

Join us for an Alpha Board leadership luncheon with Midwest leader and CEO Kyle Bauer; March 27, 2014:

Lunch is 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., cost $75.00, payable via paypal through the form below.

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Location: Danny O’Neill’s Roasterie® Bean Hanger 1204 W. 27th St., KCMO, 64108

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Alpha Board’s Fresh Octane® Series


Business Leadership Exchange: Energy to Grow

Dec, 5, 10, 12

Leaders wanted…

Lead, follow or get out of the way.”  Sage advice even today from the late Thomas Paine, famous AmericanRevolutionary and author of Common Sense.

We’d like to invite you to take your seat at the Alpha® Board table as a distinguished leader in the greater Kansas City area business community.  We’re hosting a series of Fresh Octane® executive leadership roundtable discussions on local business growth, and we’d like you to represent your organization in this effort.

Alpha® Board’s Business Leadership Exchange:

Share business’ growth stories with other leaders, and get some Fresh Octane® at:

Danny O’Neill’s Roasterie® Bean Hanger 1204 W. 27th St., KCMO, 64108

Join local area leaders from 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Dec, 5th, 10th, OR 12th

(Coffee’s on at 8:00 a.m.)

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Why, you ask?  It’s about leadership, visibility, growth and innovation in the Kansas City business community. It’s also about early involvement of the most respected companies. 

Alpha Board is a CEO/executive program uniquely designed to showcase the best and brightest business leaders regionally and nationally.  It serves as a platform to recognize and connect standout leaders, and for them to share business stories in the marketplace.  It’s also a precursor to the Kansas City region taking a leading role in a nationwide Alpha Board 2014 Cities of Innovation Tour.

We’d like you to join other standout business leaders and companies, representing your company in our initial activities.

Your involvement in Alpha Board’s “Fresh Octane 2014” discussions will give you a taste of the overall scope of the Alpha Board program, provide visibility for you and your company, and will provide further insight into how members of the Kansas City area business community can take advantage of the year-long national Alpha® Board tour.

Questions? dave@neuvision.com,  913-685-4850 (text 612 810-4000)