Time to Hit The Road

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img_0762-cropped-threeWho are the leaders that are moving American business forward?

It’s Business Drive Time®, and we are looking for some of the greatest business drivers regionally and nationally to feature in our 2018 Alpha® Board Fresh Octane Tour. 

Who are the innovators?  Who are the leaders?  What (and where) are the opportunities?  Which companies, technologies, products, people will be propelling growth over the next few years?

The National Alpha Board Tour includes a market study, leader profile interviews, business news coverage and series of leadership exchanges among standout business leaders across the country and throughout the most promising industries.

We have already begun to engage business leaders and leading businesses in multiple cities.  We’re working with those that will be most responsible for the leadership, innovation, products, companies and programs that will be driving business forward.   If that includes you, we’d love for your organization to participate.

Discussion topics:

  • What regions of the country and more importantly what are the key trends, issue and activities within those geographies that will help companies succeed moving forward?innovation concept on touch screen
  • What industries show the most promise for growth in jobs, revenue and profits over the next few years?
  • What companies are driving those industries?
  • Who are the people, products, and services that are most responsible for new business growth?
  • What key market trends and technology platforms are most responsible?
  • How can we help the best business drivers gain more recognition, visibility and market connections?
  • Which leaders should be involved in the tour, and what companies, in your opinion, are the most deserving of recognition?

To learn more about the Alpha Board Tour and to share with us who you believe are the best business drivers, give us a call. You may call Dave Anderson at (cell/text) 612 810-4000, (office) at 913 685-4850 or by email at dave@neuvision.com.  You may also speak with Dan Vasey at 303 809-9058 or reach him via email at dan@neuvision.com.

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